President Widodo's Annual Speech: Indonesia is One of The Nations That Have Overcome The Global Crisis

N/A • 17 August 2022 00:27

Indonesia's President during his annual state address said the global economy was still on the mend from the covid-19 pandemic when war broke out in ukraine causing food energy and financial concerns on Tuesday (15/8/2022). However, Indonesia so far has made efforts to overcome those challenges.

His address was delivered in the eve of the country's independence before members of the people's consultative assembly consisting members of the house of representatives and members of the regional respresentative council as well as the country's top officials.

President Widodo said that world geopolitics threatens regional security and for the people of Indonesia the President called to remain united vigilant and alert in the face of crises caused by coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

President Widodo was the first asian leader to visit the warring countries Ukraine and Russia. Although Ukraine is not a member of G20 but he has invited Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the November summit in Bali along with Russian President, Vladimir Putin hoping to appease all sides and limit any distraction from the forum's agenda.

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(Muhammad Ali Afif)